project detail

End Client: Wyndham City Council
Date: 2013
Landscape value: $3.8M
Playground Designer: Rick Mcconaghy

The brief called for two high specification sports fields to pair with a new sports pavillion proposed for the site. Central to the proposed sports precinct is the construction of two senior AFL playing fields with central synthetic cricket pitches. the formation of these ovals necessitates the formation of 'benching' across the site, which is exploited by the landscape proposal.  As well as the ovals are two additional landscape elements, those being a sports plaza and a playspace.

The sports plaza is proposed between the two ovals and provides for spectator seating and vanatage points overlooking each oval. These are created using the required level changes between the ovals.

Conceptualised by playspace designed Rick Mcconaghy, the playspace will have an emphasis on natural and active play with specific reference to the sports precinct. Embankments will be utilised within play elements, as will the ability to create additional height within structures to overlook the sports ovals.