project detail

End Client: City of Whittlesea
Date: 2013

Outlines were engaged by the City of Whittlesea to produce a Master Plan for the 72ha Northern Landfill Site at Copper Street, Epping. 

The Northern Landfill Master Plan provides a staged - short, medium and long term vision for the sites development into the future as a regional parkland. Existing features, including the large capped mound, Growling Grass Frog ponds, and vast city views - provide strong 'scaffolding elements' that contribute towards a unique parkland experience for future surrounding residents and visitors.

The Master Plan identifies a wealth of opportunity for environmental enhancement and community interaction within the Northern Landfill site. The site location and future proximity to local residential developments further reiterates this opportunity.

The Merri Creek corridor provides a strong North South axis along the Western edge of the site that can be built on in terms of access and connections at a municipal wide level. The existing habitat along the Merri Creek corridor will be strengthened through planting renewal, limiting access to vehicles and pedestrians and where possible extending these vegetated areas further into the site.