project detail

End Client: Darebin City Council
Date: November 2013 - March 2014
Status: Unbuilt
Landscape value: $10M (estimated)

The Preston ‘Junction’ refers to the area bound by Bell Street to the North, Plenty Road to the East,Dundas Street to the South, and Railway Place to the west. The Junction is rich in public transport infrastructure and located within close proximity to schools, parks, the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre and Ray Bramham Gardens.

The area is growing fast, and further work needs to be done to make sure that public areas, streetscapes and amenities keep pace with development, helping make the precinct more attractive.The Junction Urban Master Plan (JUMP) aims to improve the quality of public space in the Junction over the next ten years.

The objectives of the Draft Junction Urban Master Plan are to:

1. Green the Junction with an emphasis on achieving sustainable design outcomes

2. Encourage a pedestrian focus and promote cycling and sustainable transport

3. Advocate for better public transport services

4. Improve safety and perceptions of safety within the area

5. Attract business and investment to the Junction

6. Improve public amenity and infrastructure

7. Help develop a distinct and authentic urban character for the Junction.

The overriding aspiration proposed by the Urban Master Plan is to see the Junction transformed from ‘Pavement to Place’.Further information in the Draft Urban Master Plan can be seen on Council’s website at: