Melton Town Centre Stage 2 Officially Open

Date: 08/03/2017   Author: Outlines

The Melton Town Centre Stage 2 has officially opened. Working with the Melton City Council Outlines diversified existing programs and introduced infrastructure for future events on site. The once dormant site will function as a vibrant, new community events space. 

The project consisted of renovations and rectifications of the existing amphitheatre, extensive public decking to the former Courthouse building, bespoke bluestone pavement treatments across the site, large mounded open lawn areas and an additional integrated public toilet facility. An entirely new streetscape was also delivered through considerable work with Melton City Council's Traffic Engineering Department to redesign parking strategies, gain additional pedestrian crossings and increase footpath allowances. This suite of additional works has resulted in a town centre to be enjoyed for locals and visitors alike.